Miniature Auto Racing Club


Do not click the Rules link.  It does not work!  Download the rules here: 2022 – 2023 Rules PDF 



January 14, 2023 – LenJet Raceway- We kicked off the New Year with a bang at Peter

A beautiful set of IROC cars meticulously prepared by Ryan Archambault

Lentros’ LenJet Raceway with 19 racers in attendance.  Ryan Archambault provided a beautifully prepared set of IROC cars for the final race of the day of which 9 of the attendees decided to participate.   A very nice way to end the event.  The points and race results have been updated, I’ll publish the race reportwhen available.

Welcome to South Shore Speedway, the home of Elvis


December 10, 2022 – South Shore Speedway - We had 16 participants attend the event at Paul Ryer’s South Shore Speedway.  The racing was great, the food was awesome and the track was as challenging as ever – all of which made it a fantastic day.  The race report , race results and point standings have been updated accordingly.




February 11, 2023 – LenJet Raceway - Yes, you read that correctly, the original venue for this date was at John Stezelecki’s Nantasket Beach Speedway but due to unforeseen circumstances, John can no longer host.  The event will now be hosted by Peter Lentros at his wonderful LenJet Raceway.  First up will be Formula 1 G-Jets on the Shamrock Glen. Second race will be Super Stock on the Champion.  Hope to see you there!

Other HO  Racing – Check out the Links Page for schedule for Tri-State H.O. Racing Club, East Coast Outlaws, and Mid-Atlantic HOPRA’s racing schedules.

2021 – 2023 Officials:

  • Club Director: Tom Gray (
  • Tech Inspectors: Jim Macartney, Ryan Archambault, Hakim Harris
  • Alternate: Mike Tiffany, Terry Ayer
  • Communications Director: Rob Hayes
  • Scribe: Paul Ryer
  • HOPRA Senators: Peter Lentros, Paul Ryer