Miniature Auto Racing Club


Race Results – August 13th Gravity Racing at Paul Ryer’s South Shore Speedway

Gravity Cars on Elvis - Awesome!!!!

We had six racers brave the August heat to participate in our quarterly New England Gravity Racing Series (which has a terrible acronym – gotta come up with a better name…).  Peter Lentros took down two victories with Paul Ryer winning the third race of the day.  The race report has been posted in the results section.



Rules Meeting – August 6th at LenJet Raceway

The rules meeting was held on August 6th at Peter Lentros Speedway.  The meeting went a tad longer than expected.  The biggest difference from last year will be the race day procedures, I’ll send out a draft of the rules to all members when I receive them from our Club Director, Paul Ryer.  Oh yeah, in case it’s not obvious, Paul is doing another year as Club Director and I’ll be staying on another year as Communication Director.   We’ll be racing the same classes as last year – G-Jets / Super Stocks for 6 races and Spec Racers / CMPM for 4 races.   I’ll publish the schedule shortly but our first race will be at Durf Hyson’s Thompson Raceway Park on September 10th.



2015 – 2016 Season Champions

Congratulations to this season’s champions.

Amateur CMPM / Super Stock:

  1. O’Jimmy Colligan
  2. Donny Hall
  3. Durf Hyson
  4. Peter Medeiros Jr

Pro CMPM / Super Stock:

  1. John Pileggi
  2. Rob Hayes
  3. Jonathan Reimels
  4. John Reimels

Amateur G-Jets / Spec Racer:

  1. Donny Hall
  2. O’Jimmy Colligan
  3. Tom Smith
  4. Mike Tiffany

Pro G-Jets / Spec Racer:

  1. Ryan Archambault
  2. John Pileggi
  3. John Reimels
  4. Rob Hayes

Season Statistics

We had a total of 26 racers join the club this season, one less than last year – 16 Pros and 10 Amateurs.  However we had 14 guests join us for a few races, a big increase over last year.  Most impressive is the number of participants that ran at least 7 races – 12 Pros and 3 Amateurs, beating last year’s record of 14 by one.  We averaged 18.2 racers per event just slightly lower than last year’s 18.5.  We started the season slow averaging less than 16 racers in the first four races of the year but things picked up nicely as we entered 2016.  The high was 23 racers at the March 23rd event at LenJet.  We have picked up some new members, specifically Mike Tiffany and Bob Withers, half way through the season.  Thanks to all that participated, without your attendance we wouldn’t have a club.


2015-2016 Officials:

  • Club Director: Paul Ryer (
  • Tech Inspectors: Tom Gray, Vince Tamburo, Pete Medeiros
  • Alternate: Ryan Archambault
  • Communications Director: John Reimels
  • Scribe: Jonathan Reimels