Miniature Auto Racing Club


MARC at LenJet Raceway – 01/11/20

Open Weights on the Bear

We had 22 racers in attendance for the event at Peter Lentros’ LenJet Raceway.  The word of the day wasn’t about the warmth of the day, it was dominance with 3 of the 4 races being won by wide margins.  Read the full race report and view the updated point standings and race results as posted within.



GRoNE at LenJet Raceway – 12/28/19

A full field of Gravity Cars

Peter Lentros hosted our 4th annual New Year’s GRoNE race at his LenJet Raceway on December 28th.  We had 11 participants racing T-Jets, Dire Wolves and Gravity Cars.  Tom Bussmann joined us for his first GRoNE race of the season, it’s always a pleasure to race with Tom.   Sickness kept a few racers home in bed, I hope they’re feeling better.  For those who did make the event, most left the track at the end of the day smiling; our low pressure, no points format seems to be working. Check out the reports section for the full rundown of the day (including more pictures).



GRoNE - February 1, 2020 – LenJet Raceway

GRoNE will be making a repeat appearance at Peter Lentros’ LenJet Raceway on Saturday, February 1st for our 2nd Annual GRoNE Hog’s Day Event.  We’ll be running Gravity Cars on the Viper and T-Jets on the Tubbie.  We’ll also have another IROC Dire Wolf race on either the Tubbie or the Viper – we’ll decide race morning.  This should be our last IROC race for these cars,  Peter has ordered kits from Roger that should be available soon, thereafter it’ll be a BYO / AABTBI (Build Your Own or Ask A Buddy To Build It) race.

MARC – February 8, 2020 – Fast Five Raceway

We’ll be at Ryan Archambault’s Fast Five Raceway on February 8th where we’ll be running Spec Racers for the first race followed by Super Stocks for the Sportsman and CMPM for the Pros.

Other HO  Racing – Check out the Links Page for schedule for Tri-State H.O. Racing Club, East Coast Outlaws, and Mid-Atlantic HOPRA’s racing schedules.

Download the rules here: 2019 – 2020 Rules PDF

2019 – 2020 Officials:

  • Club Director: Paul Ryer (
  • Tech Inspectors: Tom Gray, Jim Macartney, Ryan Archambault
  • Alternate: Peter Lentros, Mike Tiffany
  • Communications Director: John Reimels
  • Scribe: Paul Ryer