MARC Season 2016-2017 – Race 4 – Nantasket Beach Speedway

                                                    Sportsman Formula One G-Jet
                                                                     Oh So Close

Hull, Massachusetts  Dec 10, 2016 – Tom Jahl narrowly nipped Don Hall to win the MARC Sportsman F1 G-Jet battle on The Lady Gray Speedway. Jahl’s 195. 11 lap total was

Sportsman G-Jet Podium – Tom Jahl 1st, Donny Hall 2nd, Tom Smith 3rd and O'Jimmy Colligan 4th

four more track sections than second place finisher Don Hall who managed 195.07 laps. Congratulations to Tom Jahl for some great driving  with his  G- Jet . Tom Smith placed third with 190.03 laps. The fourth position with 183.05 laps went to O Jimmy Colligan. Mike Tiffany ran his first race on the Lady Gray. Though he took the final and 5th position, he did an exceptional job by scoring 181.10.

Pro Formula One G-Jet
The top three finishers were only separated by approx. four feet. John Stezelecki took first

Pro G-Jet Podium – John Stezelecki 1st, Peter Lentros and Ryan Archambault tied for 2nd and Erik Eckhardt 4th

in the event running up 221.07 laps but  two drivers Peter Lentros and Ryan Archambault both scored identical laps and sections with 221.05 laps. You do not get much closer racing than the G Jet battles in MARC. With Peter and Ryan tied for second, Eric Eckhardt secured the third position with a very nice lap total of 215.01 laps. It should be noted that both Peter and Ryan both completed laps times during the race under 5 seconds. It’s unfortunate that John Reimels who finished 7th was doing less than 5 seconds laps in practice but unfortunately for him he lost the rubber off his front rims several times during the race. I’m confident that John would have been in the top four finishers if it were not for his misfortune of losing his rubber. Congratulations to John Stezelecki for his G-Jet Victory.

John Stezelecki            221.07  Best time 5.084 on white,  Best lap total 55.07 on white
Peter Lentros                221.05  Best time 4.821 on white, Best lap total 56.05  on white   Tie
Ryan Archambault      221.05  Best time 4.886 on blue, best lap total 58.05 on on blue    Tie
Erik Eckhardt                   215.01 Best time 5.101 0n white, best lap total 57 on white
Rob Hayes                      211.07
Paul Ryer                        210.04
John Reimels                 204.05
John Pileggi                  192.02
Vince Tamburo              191.10
Tom Jahl                          188.01   Moved up from Sportsman
Dave Muse                      164.04
Jim Macartney               159.03

Super Stock  Sportsman
The Super Stock race was held on the Nuvolari Super Speedway

Sportsman SS Podium – Dave Muse 4th, O'Jimmy Colligan 2nd, Donny Hall 3rd, Vince Tamburo 1st

Vince Tamburo dominated the field of drivers by knocking out 435 laps. He had a best time of 74 on the gutter red lane and a best time of 3.508 seconds on the white lane. Congratulations to Vince for a very nice win.
Jim Colligan placed second with a 77 lap total on white and  low lap time of 3.346 on green. Jim was followed by Don Hall who ran up 416 laps and a high of 75 laps on the green lane. The fourth position went to Dave Muse who put up a total of 382 laps. The orange lane was Dave’s favorite with 73 laps.  Mike Tiffany placed 5th. Again he did real well banging out 361 laps. Tom Jahl had a tough Super Stock run and ended up with a DNF.

Pro Super Stock
John Reimels got some revenge for his 7th place finish in the G-Jet race by taking it out on

Pro SS Podium – John Pileggi and Paul Ryer tied for 4th, Rob Hayes 3rd, John Reimels 1st and Ryan Archambault 2nd

the rest of the Super Stock field by winning the event with 474 laps, 13 laps ahead of second place.  John had a fast lap time of 3.202 on the middle green lane. John’s best lap total was 83 on the orange lane. Great race, great victory for John. Congratulations.
Ryan Archambault placed second he managed 461 laps  and had a real fast best lap of 3.218 on white but his lap total of only 69 on the blue lane really hurt his bid for the first place ribbon. Mr. Rob Hayes was only a lap back from Ryan with 460 laps. Rob had a high of 81 laps on the white lane. John Pileggi and Paul Ryer tied for fourth with identical laps and sections. Both scored 466.08 laps. Paul had a fast time of 3.250 on green while John’s best

Practice underway on the Nuvolari

time was 3.314 also on green. John;s 68 lap total on yellow was a real hurter. It should be noted that John won last year’s event with 505 laps and holds the SS record on the Nuvolari.

John Reimels              474 laps    Best lap total 83 on orange, best lap time of 3.202 green lane
Ryan Archambault     461 laps    Best lap total 83 green, best  lap time of 3.218 white lane
Rob Hayes                    460 laps    Best lap total  81 on white
John Pileggi                   446.08       Best lap total  80 on white                          Tie
Paul Ryer                       446.08       Best lap total  76 on orange and green  Tie
Peter Lentros               436
Jim Macartney            391
Vince Tamburo            386    Moved up from Sportsman
Erik Eckhardt                  344


Next MARC event is at Paul Ryer’s South Shore Speedway in Hingham, Ma. on January 14, 2017.   The first race will be Spec Racer andthe second will be Compression Molded Polymer Class for the Pros and Modifieds for the Sportsman

GRoNE – The next Gravity Racing of New England race will be at Ryan Archambault’s Fast Five Raceway on Monday, January 2, 2017.  We’ll be racing Gravity Cars, BRASCARs and SS T-Jets.