MARC Season 2016-2017 – Race 3 – LenJet Raceway

Full House at LenJet Raceway!

Ashland, Massachusetts, November 12, 2016    Events at Peter Lentros’ LenJet Raceway always seems to draw a crowd, this event was no different with 23 racers in attendance – a season high.  It was great to have Tommy Gray, Tom Bussmann, Benny Leyro, Mike Resnick and Tom Smith back in the fold making their first appearance of the season.  Also joining us was Thinh Huynh, a friend of Donny Hall making his first ever slot

Back on the Car Model track after a 1 year hiatus

car race!  Interestingly enough, the field was evenly split with 12 Pros and 11 Sportsman.

Our new race day format had both the Car Model and Boomerang track powered on for a 3 hour practice session with G-Jets on the Car Model and SS on the Boomerang.  The big advantage of using both tracks simultaneously was the lack of need to queue up for track time and boy did we need track time since it’s been two years since MARC last ran on the Car Model track and the Boomerang was making its maiden appearance, it’s only previous event was CMPM at the Nats last June.  Both classes were perfectly suited for the tracks, lots of smiles all around.  At the conclusion of practice it was time for Tech and Lunch, in that order.

Sportsman G-Jets

G-Jet Sportsman Podium – Pete Medeiros 4th, Matt Patrick 3rd, Mike Tifany 2nd, Donny Hall 1st

With no one dominating the timing board during practice, everyone was ready for a tight race.  Matt Patrick was telling anyone who’d listen that he was the man to beat but Mike Tiffany, Donny Hall, Pete Medeiros and the Tom Twins, Smith and Bussmann all thought otherwise.  Who knows, maybe Thinh in his first ever slot car race would show everyone the fast way around the track.  But when the fat lady started to sing it was Donny Hall who took down the win followed closely by Mike Tiffany, Matt Patrick, Pete Medeiros, Tom Smith and Tom Bussmann, all within a hand full of laps of each other.  The biggest differentiating factor was Donny’s awesome run in the red lane – a full 6 laps better than anyone else.

Pro G-Jets

With Donny declining to join the Pros as the Sportsman winner Mike Tiffany answered the

G-Jet Pro Podium – Ryan Archambault 1st, Birthday Boy John Stezelecki 2nd, Mike Resnick 3rd, John Reimels 4th

call to bring the field up to 13 racers.  But forget the large number of entrees, the race was really only between birthday boy, John Stezelecki and the potential spoiler, Ryan Archambault; the rest of us were mere spectators.  These two finished on the same lap within 8 sections of each other while third place was a whopping 13 laps in arrears, as I said, the race was a Ryan and Stez show.  While the audience was pulling for Stez to win on his birthday, Ryan was running his heart out – especially on red where he beat Stez (and the rest of the field) by 3 laps sealing the victory for him.  As for the mere mortals, Mike Resnick finished 3rd followed by John Reimels, John Pileggi, Dave Muse and Mike Tiffany.

Sportsman SS

The awesome (and totally unique) Boomerang Track

This was the first opportunity for MARC to use Peter’s new Boomerang track that arrived days before the Nats last June.  It’s fast, smooth and challenging especially in the tight yellow lane.  However, once the car is setup and you get into the right rhythm, it’s a blast to drive – much faster than you’d think including the tight button hook section.

Peter Medeiros Jr has been dominating this class this season and this race was no exception.  Pete won the race by a whopping 32 laps over the second place finisher.  This lap total would have put him 4th overall in the Pro event (me thinks Peter likes the fast stuff… – JR).   The rest of the field actually had a really close battle for the remaining positions with Donny Hall finishing just ahead of Tom Bussmann

SS Sportsman Podium – Tom Jahl 4th, Tom Bussmann 3rd, Donny Hall 2nd, Peter Medeiros 1st

and Tom Jahl, who would have garnered more laps but in the waning minutes of his last heat, he stripped his pinion.  This group was followed by Vince Tamburo, a more subdued Matt Patrick and Mike Tiffany.




Pro SS

For the first time this season, the decision was made to hold a “main” for the top four finishers of the 5 minute round robin.  Ryan set the pace ensuring his place in the main

SS Pro Podium – Ryan Archambault 1st, John Pileggi 2nd, John Reimels 3rd and Tommy Gray 4th

while the John’s (Reimels and Pileggi) battled it out for second, Reimels finishing sections ahead of Pileggi.  However the real battle for making the main was for 4th place between Tommy Gray, Mike Resnick and Peter Lentros.  Tommy Gray, making his first appearance of the season, squeaked out a 3 section “victory” over Peter Lentros followed closely by Mike Resnick.  Peter demanded a recount believing the race was rigged but acting race director, John Reimels, denied the request.  The only question heading into the main was could anyone hang with Ryan and ruin his sweep of the day.  The answer was no, Ryan continued his dominance setting high lap total on all four lanes giving him a 10 lap win over second place finisher John Pileggi.  John Reimels had a miserable time in the dreaded yellow lane finishing third followed by Tommy Gray in fourth.


Thanks go to Peter Lentros for hosting the event.    It was very encouraging to have 23 entrees despite the absence of a few regulars.  Even more encouraging is the strength of the Sportsman field.

The next race will be at John Stezelecki’s Nantasket Beach Speedway on December 10th.  We’ll be racing F1 Bodied G-Jets on the Lady Gray followed by Super Stocks on his Nuvolari track.