MARC-2022-2023 – Race 6

Archambault and Lockwood Dominate at Lenjet Raceway

February 11th 2023

Lenjet Raceway, Ashland, MA

Ryan Archambault and Dave Lockwood both had a sensational race day at the MARC G-jet and Super Stock events. Ryan scored both Pro class wins while Dave Lockwood scored both wins in the Sportsman classes as well as two overall second place finishes.

Formula One G-Jet Pro:


Pro G-Jet Podium – Tom Jahl 4th, Peter Lentros 2nd and Ryan Archambault 1st

Ryan scored BIG as he was the only Pro to blast out over two hundred laps on the tedious Glen track. Skillful driving and a very fast F1 G-Jet enabled Ryan to blast out 210 laps. The closest Pro driver to Ryan was Peter Lentros with 196 laps. One lap behind Peter was Stez who took the third-place position with 195 laps. Tom Jahl scored 187 laps which gave him the 4th podium position. Congratulations to Ryan for a great race and win.


1    Ryan           210.13  laps

2    Peter           196.49

3    Stez             195.43

4    T. Jahl          187.30

5    T Gray          184.38

Formula One G-Jet Sportsman:

Sportsman G-Jet Podium – Terry Ayer 4th, Cody Pare 2nd, Dave Lockwood 1st and Hap Pierce 3rd

Dave Lockwood’s 208 laps would give him the first-place podium position as well as the second place over all position in the G-Jet Class. Cody put up a very impressive 196 laps to hand him the second-place podium G-Jet position and fourth overall. Only four laps back from Cody was Hall. Hall squeezed 192 laps while his sidekick Terry took the fourth and final position with 191 laps. Congratulations to Dave for some real fine driving to take the win.


1   Dave                208.44   laps

2   Cody                196.15

3   Hal                   192.52

4   Terry                 191.41

5   Oh Jimmy         185.22

6   Hakim               180.16

7   D, Muse            175.13

8   Mike T.              174.30

9   Bruce                172.45

10 Josh                  167.44

11  Cedric               157.46


Pro Super Stock Podium – Tom Jahl 4th, Peter Lentros 3rd, Tom Gray 2nd and Ryan Archambault 1st

Once again it was all Ryan Archambault who took the win with some very aggressive driving on the short course Champion track. Ryans driving skills awarded him with 341 laps. Tom Gray was 8 laps behind Ryan with 333 laps to place second. This was a very good run for Tom. Peter Lentros scored a hard earned 325 laps giving him the third podium position. Tom Jahl had a very good race putting up 307 laps for the fourth place position.  Once again, congratulations to Ryan for a fast great run.


1       Ryan        341  laps

2       T Gray      333

3       Peter        325

4       T. Jahl      307

5       Stez          287

Sportsman Super Stock

Sportsman Super Stock Podium – Jimmy Colligan 2nd, Terry Ayer 3rd, Dave Lockwood 1st and Hal Pierce 4th

It was all Dave Lockwood in this race. Dave would place first in Sportsman Super Stock and his 335 laps would also give him second place overall.  Very nice job Dave!   Oh Jimmie Colligan would have a great event driving his car to 319 laps for the second-place finish in Sportsman class. In a reverse roll of the G-Jet event, Terry would take the third position with 314 laps and side kick Hal took the final 4th place podium position scoring 311 laps. Congratulations to Dave and the entire podium finishers.


1    D. Lockwood                   335  laps

2    Oh Jimmy                        319

3    Terry                                314

4    Hal                                   311

5    Bruce                               310

6    Cody                                301

7    Mike T                              298

8    Hakim                              288

9    Josh                                 277

10  Cedric                              248    Tie

10  D. Muse                           248    Tie