MARC 2020-2021 Season – January 23, 2021

Old guys, young guys, new guys – Who are these masked men?

Ashland, Massachusetts   January 23, 2021   MARC once again shared the LenJet space with the East Coast Outlaw racers for a total of 5 events for the day, checkout the ECO website for the TJet racing results.

Open Weight

Racing on the Car Model

We had a few TJet racers join in the first MARC race of this year, open weighted on the orange Car Model track. This class of cars lap in the 3.5 second zone a few seconds a lap quicker than the GJets ran on it in December.  We ran the center 4 lanes so combined pro and sportsman drivers could take a step aside to space out some while running the 3 minutes per lane.

Top spot Ryan at 198, Peter Lentros 192, Pete Medeiros 3rd at 176, Dave

Open Weight Race Results

“TJet” Lockwood 4th 175, 6th Don Hall 174, Cody 164, Tom Gray also at 164 7th, Rick 8th 159, Paul Crosby, 9th, and coming in 10th with 151 a special welcome to newcomer to MARC, Bruce Olson who took time out of racing 1/24 to run HO for the first time since 1969!! Bruce fielded his own cars for the MARC events, ran all 5 of the day’s races very cleanly too! I saw him buying some parts and asking some questions, he will be back!

Spec Racer

Racing on the Purple Mile

Moving on to the spec racer event on the purple mile we want to thank Dave Lockwood for hanging out after the outlaws finished their day so we could hold ours. Dave had NO practice and had never raced the class before he picked up the awesome track quickly.

This race was interesting in that 5 different models of cars hit the track for the event. A Wizzard Fusion, a Storm, a Slottech T3, several Vipers and BSRT G3’s. It is neat to see various brands and models racing together.  Again, the center 4 lanes were used with 4 marshalls pro and sportsman combined.

Spec Racer Race Results

Taking down the win one of the “old guys”  Peter Lentros with 183 laps showing age and treachery outdrive youth (?) and enthusiasm besting Ryan in 2nd with 182, Cody (I did mention young guy) with a tough 1st lane in third at 176 (I have to say with one of the most fun side by side runs I’ve had in a long time, great racing Cody!)

Podium – Spec Racer

4th Fast Pete Medeiros with another awesome looking car, 5th Dave TJet Lockwood with a loaner T3 and no practice 156, Tom Gray with the wrong size rear tires 146 in 6th, 7th Rick with a Storm, 8th the new guy “I’ll be back” Bruce.





Special thanks to Rich Payne for updating the Lenjet computers and Paul Crosby for cleaning the rails on all the tracks along with giving them a full cleaning too! Oh and Peter Lentros as well for loving this hobby as much as the rest of us!

See you in February you masked racers whoever you are…