MARC 2019-2020 – Race 4 – December 14, 2019


 Hull Massachusetts   December 14, 2019

PRO Class F1 GJet

Pro G-Jet Podium – John Pileggi 4th, Ryan Archambault 3rd, Rob Hayes 2nd and Greg Burstein 1st


Little Greg won a big Formula One G Jet race on the Nuvolari Super Speedway by eight laps over rival driver Rob Hayes . This was a whopping win for Greg on high banked track that has seen its last race here at Nantasket Beach. The track will be travelling to Suffield CT, the home of Dan Decosmo for its final location. Greg ended the race with 325.09 laps to Rob’s 319.04. Congratulations to Little Greg for a splendid race. Third position went to Ryan Archambault with 317.08 laps and John Pileggi took the final 4th ribbon position with 309.08 laps. The fifth, sixth and seventh positions were separated only by sections. Great job by all the drivers and a wonderful ending for the Nuvolarai here at Nantasket Beach.

1    Little Greg                      325.09

2    R. Hayes                        319.04

3    R. Archambault              317.08

4    J. Pileggi                        309.08

5    J. Reimels                      306.10

6    P. Ryer                           306.05

7    P. Lentros                       306.04

8    J.Stezelecki                    302.09

Sportsman Class F1 G Jet

Congratulations to Mike Tiffany for his Sportsman F1 G Jet race. This sweet win must have

Sportsman G-Jet Podium – Terry Ayer and Tom Smith tied for third, Donny Hall 2nd and Mike Tiffany 1st

felt great especially after driving several hours just to make and race at this event at Nantasket Beach. Mike’s 297.03 laps was 8 laps better than second place finisher Donny Hall who put up a cool 289.08 laps. Tommy Smith took the third spot by banging out 279.04 laps but Terry also banged out the same amount of laps to share the third spot with Tom. With a tie for the third position, Oh Jimmy took 5th place with 279.01 laps only sections from the two third place finishers.

1    M. Tiffany                        297.03

2    D. Hall                             289.08

3    T. Smith                           279.04

3    T. Ayer                             279.04

5    J. Colligan                       279.01

6   H, Pierce                         275.09

7    C Takas                           255.02

 Pro Super Stock Class

Pro Super Stock Podium – Greg Burstein 1st, Rob Hayes 2nd, John Pileggi 3rd and John Reimels 1st

Little Greg made his day complete by winning the Pro Super Stock race as well as winning his second event of the day and giving him a MARC double win event. Greg won with a Wizzard Fusion car built by Ryan Archambault. Greg racked up 353.14 laps over second place finisher Rob Hayes with 352.05 laps Greg also broke the track record with a 2.890 second lap time in Blue in the Super Stock Class. The previously held best lap time was 2.953 on Blue by John Pileggi on Feb 10th 2018. John still owns the best overall lap total of 362.05 laps on April 22nd 2017. Congratulations a Great !win and a fantastic Double Win event for Greg. Third place was taken by John Pileggi who ran a great race and put up 343.14 laps. Very close behind John was another John, John Reimels who was only 9 sections for the fourth place just very slightly behind the other John. Congratulations to all the ribbon winners.

1     Little Greg                         353.14

2     R. Hayes                           352.05

3     J. Pileggi                           343.14

4     J. Reimels                         343.05

5     R. Archambault                 341.05

6     J. Stezelecki                      335.03

7     T Gray                               331.11

8     P. Lentros                          330.10

9     P. Ryer                              327.05

10   T. Ayer                               295.08

Sportsman Super Stock Class

Sportsman Super Stock Podium – Hal Pierce 4th, Terry Ayer 3rd, Mike Tiffany 2nd and O'Jimmy Colligan 1st

Oh Jimmy won the Sportsman Super Stock with 324.07 over second place finisher Mike Tiffany by 21 laps who ran up 303.15 laps. This win gave Oh Jimmy a huge smile as he left the Nantasket Beach Race facility today. Congratulations Oh Jimmy for a fine Sportsman Super Stock victory. Terry Ayer took the third spot ribbon with 295.05 laps while his side kick Hal Pierce took the final 4th place ribbon with 292.08 laps , Great racing guys.


1    Oh Jimmy                         324.07

2    M Tiffany                      303.15

3    T Ayer                         295.05

4    H Pierce                        292.08

5    D. Hall                              287.02

6    C. Takas                           281.02