MARC 2019-2020 – Race 1

A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Thompson, Connecticut  September 14, 2019  It was a lovely day in the neighborhood when 15 hardy races trekked out to the country to open the new season.  The lights were on

Relaxing before the start of the 2019 – 2020 Season

the track went hot and people started to work out the cobwebs that had formed since the end of last season. Assisted by coffee and various methods of sugar payload delivery the drivers soon were flashing around the track. Soon enough practice ended, and it was time for the first race.



F1 G-Jets


Sportsman G-Jet Podium – Don Hall 1st, Terry Ayer 2nd, Dave Muse 3rd and John Schoenfeld 4th

F1 G-Jets were the flavor of the day. The “all men up” round robin began with a first heat of 4 racers. It soon became apparent that host, track owner, and resident village idiot, your author had made an unforced error in the set-up of the computer resulting in the race being run in 3 groups of 5 . Once the dust had settled from all that racing Erik Eckhardt in Pro and Don Hall in Sportsman had pulled down wins. The finishing orders on track looked like this:






1st Erik Eckhardt 174 Don Hall 153
2nd Rob Hayes 170 Terry Ayer 148
3rd John Pileggi 154 Dave Muse 146
4th Peter Lentros 152 John Schoenfeld 133
5th Paul Crosby ??? Durf Hyson 109
6th John Stezelecki 147    
7th Tom Jahl 144    
8th Paul Ryer 141    
DSQ Ryan Archambault DSQ    
Pro G-Jet Podium – Erik Eckhardt 1st, Rob Hayes 2nd, John Pileggi 3rd and Peter Lentros 4th

Once the dust had settled unfortunately Ryan’s car failed tech resulting in a DSQ. His car had a titanium rear axle in it Although BSRT does sell a ti axle it is not listed as a G-Jet stock replacement part and s therefore illegal. This put him down to 8th and bumped everyone below 3rd up one spot. This put John Pileggi on the Pro podium in 3rd place.




Sportsman Super Stocks

Sportsman Super Stock Podium – Dave Muse 1st, Don Hall 2nd, Terry Ayer 3rd and John Schoenfeld 4th

After a lunch of lasagna, chicken and fresh corn on the cob and a busy practice session it was time for the Super Stock races. The Sportsmen were up first. Dave Muse motored off into the sunset winning his first race of the year by 8 laps. Second was Don Hall. The podium was filled up by Terry Ayer in third. The full finishing order was:



1st Dave Muse 228
2nd Don Hall 220
3rd Terry Ayer 213
4th John Schoenfeld 193
5th Durf Hyson 181


Pro Super Stocks

Pro Super Stock Podium – John Pileggi 1st, Rob Hayes 2nd, Paul Ryer 3rd and Erik Eckhardt 4th

Next up was the Pro Super Stock race. As the practice times suggested this would prove to be the closest race of the day with 2 lap or less margins being common.  In a not uncommon finish, Mr John, I practically own Super Stock, Pileggi had pulled down another win with a 2 lap margin over bridesmaid Rob Hayes. Filling out the podium in third exactly 1 lap to the section behind Rob was Paul Ryer. The complete finishing order was:




1st John Pileggi 256
2nd Rob Hayes 254
3rd Paul Ryer 253
4th Erik Eckhardt 242
5th Tom Gray 233
6th Peter Lentros 229
7th Tom Jahl 225
8th Ryan Archambault 219.23
9th Paul Crosby 219.14
10th Jim Macartney 200

And thus ended the day and began another MARC season. I would like to thank all those who came including Mike Tiffany who made the drive from NY only to take ill after he arrived. Thankfully he made it home safely and recovered from being ill.

There was one other important piece of business that should be noted. Peter Lentros and Tom Gray brought some Wizzard Fusion Super Stock cars for people to inspect and try.  After several people drove them and most discussed them, a vote was taken as to whether this chassis would be allowed to run in MARC races. The Result of this vote:


Thanks to all,

Your humble servant