MARC 2018 – 2019 Season, Nantasket Beach Speedway, November 11, 2018

Stez Breaks G Jet Record, Ryer Races a Great Super Stock Race

 Hull, Massachusetts November 11, 2018    With so many MARC members racing in England on the Derby Club LeMans replica track this Lady Gray ready for some F1 G-Jet actionweek, it was very questionable on how many local MARC members would attend the race at Nantasket Beach. Surprisingly 13 members were able to make it to this tiny peninsular and race on the Nantasket Beach Lady Gray track and the Nuvolari Super Speedway.

The first event was on the Lady Gray. The track is the oldest track design in our club. Since 1991 the Lady Gray has been on the MARC circuit and the layout is well known by most of our drivers. This knowledge generally leads to some very close racing on the track. Today was no exception.

The Lady entertained the MARC G Jet Formula One race. John Stezelecki

G-Jet Sportsman Podium – Tom Smith 4th, Hal Pierce 3rd, Terry Ayer 2nd and Paul Crosby 1st

would break both the Lexan G Jet and the Formula One G Jet lap total record with a 233.02 lap total. The Lexan G Jet record on the Lady was held by Rob Hayes who in 2011 scored 231 laps and in 2017 Dan Decosmo popped up 230.07 laps in Formula One G Jet race. Nice to see records being broken. Best lap total in this race was by Stez with 60 laps on blue lane and a best lap time of 4.793. Taking second in the Pro event was Ryan Archambault who had a 58.03 lap total on blue lane and a lap time of

Pro G-Jet Podium – John Stezelecki 1st, Paul Ryer 3rd, Tom Jahl 4th and Ryan Archambault 2nd

4.873 to help him score 219.03 laps. Nice racing Ryan. The third Pro position went to Paul Ryer, Paul placed 213.02 laps on the board and ran an impressive 4.974 lap time on gutter red. Taking the fourth ribbon spot was Tom Jahl. Tommy ran with 205.08 total laps. He had his best lap total on blue lane as well as a best lap time of 5.114. Congratulations to all the podium finishers.

Peter Lentros took the Best Appearing F1 G Jet with his U.S. Army theme paint job. All Good!

Race standings


1   John Stezelecki               233.02

2   Ryan Archambault           219.03

3   Paul Ryer                         213.02

4   Tom Jahl                          205.08

5   Peter Lentros                   199.11

6   Dave Muse                       190.01



1   Paul Crosby                     204.05

2   Terry Ayer                        199.09

3   Hal Pierce                        197.05

4   Tom Smith                       188.05

5   John Schoenfeld              183.05

6   Oh Jimmie Colligan          180.10

7   Don Hall                            175.01


Super Stock on the six lane Nuvolari Super Speedway

Paul Ryer raced one of the best Super Stock races of his MARC career

Super Stock action on the Nuvolari

when he blasted 494.01 laps on the six lane Nuvolari high banked track. Paul had a high on orange lane when he smashed out 88 laps and a lap time of 3.175. Pauls’ performance placed him in second place in Super Stock history on the track. The second place overall performance was previously held by John Reimels  when he knocked out 493 laps on November 12th 2013. The greatest super stock performance on the track is still held by John Pileggi on November 14th 2015 with an incredible 505 laps.

SS Sportsman Podium – Paul Crosby 4th, Hal Pierce 3rd, Don Hall 2nd and Jimmy Colligan 1st

Sportsman driver Oh Jimmie Colligan ran a fantastic race took second place overall and first place in the Sportsman class. Oh Jimmie ran 80 laps in both white and green lanes and a best lap time of 3.272 on green. really nice job Oh Jimmie. Second place in Pro and third place overall went to Ryan Archambault. Ryan was one lane back from Oh Jimmie with a 458.01 lap total. Still suffering from a west coast hangover, Peter Lentros

SS Pro Podium – Peter Lentros 3rd, Ryan Archambault 2nd, Paul Ryer 1st and Tom Jahl 4th

placed 3rd in Pro and fourth overall with 445.01 laps, not bad for a guy who has spent most of the week on a plane.




Results PRO SS


1  Paul Ryer                      494.01

2  Ryan Archambault        458.01

3  Peter Lentros                445.01

4  Tom Jahl                       383.08


Sportsman SS


1  Oh Jimmie                    459.01

2  Don Hall                        426.09

3  Hal Pierce                     396.08

4  Paul Crosby                  392.03

5  John Schoenfeld           383.11

6  Terry Ayer                     376.06

7  Dave Muse                    334.06