MARC 2018-2019 – March 23, 2018

Huge Win for Ryan in First Spec Racer on the Nuvolari, Stez takes Super Stock on the Lady Gray

Hull, Massachusetts   March 23, 2019   Ryan Archambault took a mighty big win on the Nuvolari Super Speedway in MARC’s first Spec Racer Class on this track. Ryan blasted out 508.03 laps with a best time of 3.142 on the middle orange lane track. Amazingly his

Pro Spec Racer Podium – John Stezelecki 4th, John Pileggi 3rd, Rob Hayes 2nd and Ryan Archambault 1st

lap total beat John Pileggi’s Super Stock record of 505 laps don in November of 2015. Considering the fact that the Spec Racer uses far less expensive motor and traction magnets, much more expensive silicone sponge tires and is limited to a 23-tooth gear but uses same armature this win brought out some discussions after this event on the need to still run Super Stock any longer within MARC. Second place finisher Rob Hayes also ran an incredible race also breaking the Super Stock record with a lap total of 506.11 laps. Rob’s best lap time was very close to Ryan’s with a 3.146 on the green lane. Speaking of John Pileggi, John arrived on the scene hoping to also best his SS record but

Sportsman Spec Racer Podium – Terry Ayer 4th, Mike Tiffany 3rd, Paul Crosby 2nd and O'Jimmy Colligan 1st

just wasn’t up to the task today but still did well, placed a nice third with 484.04 lap total. Taking the fourth podium spot was Stez with 470.08 laps. Congratulations to Ryan Archambault for a fantastic win.

Top honors in the Sportsman Class in Spec Racer w Rent to Oh Jimmie. Oh Jimmy ran a very good race with a lap total of 327.10 lap. Congratulations to Mr. Colligan for a nice victory. Just behind Oh Jimmy Colligan was Dave Muse with a 441.03 . Third spot went to Paul Crosby with 432.01 laps and Terry Ayer nailing the fourth spot with a 305.12. All 14 driver results are below:

1      Ryan Archambault           508.03  laps              Pro

2      Rob Hayes                       506.01                       Pro

3      John Pileggi                     484.03                       Pro

4      John Stezelecki                470.08                      Pro

5      Paul  Ryer                        459.07                      Pro

6      Oh Jimmy Colligan           456.02                      Sportsman

7      Dave Muse                       441.03                      Pro

8      Tom Gray                         437.05                       Pro     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

9      Jim Macartney                  433.02                      Pro

10    Paul Crosby                      432.01                      Sportsman

11    Mike Tiffany                      425.07                       Sportsman

12    Terry Ayer                         424.04                      Sportsman

13    Peter Medeiros                  422.-01                     Sportsman

14    Tom Jahl                            390.01                      Pro


Pro Super Stock Class

The Lady Gray Speedway at Nantasket Beach is the oldest track on the MARC circuit and

Pro Super Stock Podium – John Stezelecki 1st, Ryan Archambault 2nd, John Pileggi 3rd and Rob Hayes 4th

has been hosting race events since 1991. John Pileggi presently holds the Super Stock record of 362.05 laps on April 22nd, 2017. Today no records were broken but racing was fast and furious. Stez would take the checkered flag by a narrow margin over 2nd place finisher Ryan Archambault. Stez would mow down 354.07 laps while Ryan would come close with 352.03 laps. Stez would finish the race in the first spot but was the only driver in the top four finishers that never broke a lap time under three seconds. Stez had a best lap time of 3.016 on white lane while Ryan had three of four lanes under three seconds with a best on blue with a 2.927. Stez had a best lap total on blue with a 93 while Ryan had a best on yellow with a 93. Ryan had a tough red lane managing only 80 laps while Stez on red did 86.  John Pileggi finished the race by taking the third position. His best lap time was 2.990 on blue. Interestingly John scored lap totals of 89 on blue, yellow and white and like Ryan got hurt on red with an 83 lap total. Rob Hayes always finishes well on the Lady Gray and today was no exception. Rob took the fourth position laying down 339.07 laps. Rob did really well on white and blue lane scoring 88 laps each. He posted a 2.978 on the blue. Rob almost matched Stez on gutter red with a 85 lap total but in rare form for Rob on this track turned in a 78 on yellow and it cost him. Congratulations to the entire top podium finishers. Results below.

1   Stez                               354.07

2   Ryan Archambault        352. 03

3   John Pileggi                  350.11

4   Rob Hayes                    339.07

5   Tom Jahl                       330.10

6   Paul Ryer                      325.08

7   Tom Gray                      324.10  Happy Birthday

8   Peter Medeiros Jr.         312.07

9   Jim Macartney               294.05


Sportsman Super Stock Class

A real nice win for Paul Crosby in Sportsman Super Stock. Paul would haul down 327.10

Sportsman Super Stock Podium – O'Jimmy Colligan 3rd, Paul Crosby 1st, Pete Medeiros 2nd and Dave Muse 4th

laps and a best lap time on 3.174 on blue while scoring big on yellow lane with 84 laps. Congratulations to Paul for a very nice victory. Three laps behind Paul was Pete Medeiros Jr. scoring 324.11 laps with a best lap total on white with an 84. Track favorite Oh Jimmy Colligan scored 309.07 laps for the third spot Oh Jimmy scored well on blue pouring down 81 laps. The fourth position went Track Master Dave Muse with 305 laps and a best of 80 on blue. Fine job guys. Congratulations.  Results below :

1  Paul Crosby                        327

2  Peter Medeiros JR.             324

3  Oh Jimmy Colligan              309.07

4  Dave Muse                          305

5  Terry Ayer                           287

6  Mike Tiffany                        247