MARC 2018 -2019 – January 13, 2019

LenJet Brings Out the Crowd

With 23 racers in the house, Peter Lentros’ LenJet Raceway was rocking on January 13th for the 5th event of the MARC season.  We had a few folks making their first appearance of the season including John Pileggi, Dan Decosmo, Benny Leyro, Mike Resnick and Greg Burstein as well as Cody Pare making his first ever MARC event.  Racing at LenJet does tend to bring out the crowd.

Spec Racers on the Purple Mile

Practicing on the Purple Mile

First up were Spec Racers on the Purple Mile with both the Pros and Sportsman competing together in one large 23 heat round robin.    Spec Racers on this track have always been a MARC favorite, the rhythm and out right speed are addictive.  At the conclusion of the 3 hour episode, Ryan Archambault once again proved his mastery of building fast cars by taking the top three finishing position – Greg Burstein in first, Ryan in second and Dan Decosmo in third.  John Pileggi and John Reimels finished 4th and 5th respectively but well off the pace of the cars from the Archambault stable.  Finishing a very respectable 8th overall and the top spot for the Sportsman division was Paul Crosby followed by Sportsman Jim Colligan is 2nd, Terry Ayer in 3rd and Hal Pierce in 4th.

Pro Spec Racer Podium – Greg Burstein 1st, Ryan Archambault 2nd, Dan Decosmo 3rd and John Pileggi 4th

The race was followed by a welcome lunch break where many slices of pizza were consumed.  Nothing like a three hour race to increase the appetite.  With the Sportsman running Modifieds for the second race and Pros running CMPM, the decision was made to run the races in conjunction – Sportsman staying on the Purple Mile and the Pros on Peter’s fast Viper track.  This helped shorten the day by a few hours and let the Sportsman experience the added speed of the Modifieds on the awesome

Sportsman Spec Racer Podium – Paul Crosby 1st, Jimmy Colligan 2nd, Tery Ayer 3rd and Hal Pierce 4th

Purple Mile.








Modifieds on the Purple Mile

Paul Crosby finished off his day with another Sportsman win, he’s beginning to make a

Sportsman racing Modifieds on the Purple Mile

habit of this winning 60% of the events held thus far this season.  If he continues this pace, he’ll be joining the Pro ranks next year.  Following in second was newbie Cody Pare, a local youngster with some 1/24 scale experience at Modelville but this weekend was his first attempt at racing HO cars – not bad!  If I were Paul Crosby, I’d be getting nervous if Cody choses to stay with HO…  Coming home third thru fifth were Hal Peirce, Jimmy Colligan and Terry Ayer all finishing on the same lap (less than one fall-off…); that’s close racing.

Pros on the Viper

John Pileggi showed that he wasn’t ready to concede the “Best Builder” status to Ryan

Pro CMPM Podium – Benny Leyro 4th, Greg Burstein 3rd, Ryan Archambault 2nd and John Pileggi 1st

quite so quickly by dominating the CMPM race on the Viper.  John beat Ryan for the top spot by over 60 laps, a whopping 10 laps a lane advantage.  Greg Burstein pulled off third a few laps ahead of Benny Leyro in 4th and John Reimels in 5th




Thanks go to Peter Lentros for hosting the event – racing at LenJet is always fun.  Peter will also be hosting our next event on February 9th where we’ll be racing F1 G-Jets followed by Modifieds for the Sportsman and CMPM for the Pros.