MARC 2017-2018 – Nantasket Beach Speedway – 02/10/18

Hull, Massachusetts  February 10 2018

G-Jet Sportsman and Pro

Eckhardt nips Archambault

G-Jet practice on the Nuvolari

In a real nail biter Eric Eckhardt took the checkered flag by one section over Ryan Archambault, 322.10 laps to Ryan’s 322.09.  Eric had the highest lap total of the day on orange lane with a 56 lap total.  Eric had a fast lap on orange with a 5.220 also on orange.  Second place finisher Ryan Archambault put up some blistering fast lap times with the two fastest times on the nailing the green lane with a 5.090 and on blue with a 5.159.  Third position went to Rob Hayes who finished up with 329 laps and a best time of

5.240.   Paul Ryer took the last podium spot with 316.01 laps and a best lap time of 5.258. Congratulations to Eric Eckhardt for a very fine win in the Pro Class with Chris Takacs taking the top spot in Sportsman.


Overall Finishing order


1.  Eckhardt.            322.10. Laps

2.  Archambault.     322.09

3.  Hayes.                 318.02

4   Ryer.                    316.01

5.  Reimels.              311.09

6.  Tamburo.            303.01

7.  Pileggi.                302.07

8.  Stezelecki.           298.04

9   Hall.                      292.04

10 Takacs.                  289.04

11 Jahl.                     279.04

12. Colligan.             276.04

13. Ayer.                    274.04

14  Tiffany.               274.04

15. Pierce.                272.10

16  Muse.                  257.10





It’s All Hall

Don Hall dominated the Sportsman Super stock class event at Nantasket Beach on the

Sportsman SS Podium – Don Hall 1st, Dave Muse 2nd, Jimmy Colligan 3rd and Vince Tamburo 4th

Lady Gray track with a comfortable 13 lap victory over second place finisher Dave Muse.  Don put up 316.10 laps around the tight turned Lady Gray, he had his highest total on blue lane with 82.10 laps and 82 on gutter yellow. His fastest lap time was 3.208 on the white lane. Nice race Don. Congratulations, great job.  Second place finisher Dave Muse 303.12 laps ran a nice clean race. Dave had a fast lap of 80.12 on blue lane. Oh Jimmie took the third position running up 285.08 laps. Vince Tamburo made the trip up from Delaware.  It’s been a while since he has had a controller in hand but did well taking the 4th position knocking down 282.11 laps.




1.     HALL.            316.10

2.     MUSE.           303.12

3.     COLLIGAN.   285.08

4.     TAMBURO.    282.12

5.     JAHL.            280.01

6.     PIERCE.         278.11

7.     TAKAS.          271.10

8.     AYER.             261.07



Pro Super Stock Lady Gray 


Rob Hayes wins a Big One At Nantasket

It’s been a while since Rob Hayes won Super Stock on the Lady Gray. Rob in past years has won several of the events on this track but lately victory had alluded him. Today he found

Pro SS Podium – Rob Hayes 1st, John Pileggi 2nd, Ryan Archambault 3rd and John Reimels 4th

the right set up and skated to victory over rival and Lady Gray record holder John Pileggi . Rob would win by 5 laps by lasting out 354. 06 laps to John’s 349.12. Rob’s fastest lap time was 3.018 on the blue lane. Great win Rob. Congratulations.  As mentioned, J Pileggi placed second.  He had an off day compared to his last visit on the Lady Gray in which he won the event and broke the SS record with 362.05 laps. Today’s 349.12 lap total finish was probably disappointing to John but most of us would have loved to run this race and do so well. John had the fastest lap time of the day with a 2.953 on blue lane.  Ryan Archambault got nipped by Pileggi by one lap. The 348.09 lap total gave him the third spot. He had a fast time of 3.010 on both blue and yellow.  John Reimels took the final podium spot with a fourth and 339.05. laps and a fast time of 3.061 on white lane.




1.         HAYES.                       354.06

2.         PILEGGI.                     349.12

3.         ARCHAMBAULT.       348.09

4.         REIMELS.                   339.02

5.         STEZELECKI.             335.05

6.         RYER.                          334.05

7.         ECKHARDT.               323.11

8.         GRAY.                          320.10

9.         JAHL.                          279.05