MARC 2013 – 2014 Season Race #2 – Nantasket Beach Speedway


The man of the event, Jonathan Reimels sandwiched between Chris Takacs and Donny Hall

Jonathan Reimels Dominates Event

 Nantasket Beach, Hull, MA, October 12, 2013 – Eighteen drivers showed up to race in this event with Jonathan Reimels winning both G-Jet F1 and Super Stock in the Pro events while Peter Lentros and Benny Leyro split the honors in the Amateur Division. 

 F1 G-Jets

 The Formula One G-Jet race on the Lady Gray Speedway had seven amateurs and nine pro drivers and one amateur move up participate in this race event. In the Amateur Division, Peter Lentros pulled off a big victory winning his class by 13 laps over second place finisher Chris Takacs who sailed

Amateur Podium – Takacs 2nd; Lentros 1st; Colligan 3rd

into the Nantasket Beach event.  Peter dominated the race with 210 laps and won lap totals in all four lanes. His best time was 5.140 seconds on the middle blue lane. Some really great racing with the Formula One Class perfect on this track for this event. Congratulations to Peter Lentros.

 Lady Gray – Amateur Division Results

 1  Peter Lentros        210 laps

2  Chris Takacs          197

3  Oh Jim Colligan    195

4  Don Hall                193

5  Ben Leyro              184

6  Tom Smith             184

7  Tom Bussman       181


 Jonathan Reimels just blew away every driver this fine Saturday morning. His 228 laps

Pro Podium – Paul Ryer 3rd; Jon Reimels 1st; John Reimels 2nd

was just an incredible performance. He was the only driver who managed to put up lap times under 5 seconds in every lane. Jonathan also won lap totals in all four lanes. Only his father John Reimels was able to put some kind of pressure on Jonathan. Jonathan had a best time of 4.735 on the white lane. This was a fantastic performance by Jonathan, congratulation on a well run race.

 Lady Gray – Pro Division Results

 1  Jonathan Reimels     228

2  John Reimels            222

3  Paul Ryer                  214

4  John Pileggi               211

5  John Stezelecki         211

Good Looking field of G-Jets

6  Peter Lentros             210

7  Vince Tamburo          206

8  Rob Hayes                192

9  Tom Gray                  184

10 Dave Muse               182


Super Stocks

 It was all Leyro in Amateur Ceramic Super Stock.  Benny Leyro had a outstanding

Super Stocks on the Nuvolari – a real good combination

performance in the Ceramic Super Stock event that was held on the Nuvolari six lane Super Speedway. Benny’s car seemed very fresh and fast. It never tired in the race and Benny looked real sharp in this winning performance. He had a best time of 3.310 on the green lane. Great job Benny and a well earned congratulations.

 Mike Leblanc, who just missed the green flag for the G-jet race was a welcome addition to the SS event.  With Tom Smith electing not to run this class, the entry level remained a 7 amateurs.

  Nuvolari Super Speedway – Amateur Division Results

 1  Benjamin Leyro          464 laps

Amateur Podium – Lentros 2nd; Leyro 1st; Takacs 3rd

2  Chris Takas                441

3  Peter Lentros              419

4  Oh Jim Colligan          411

5  Donald Hall                 404   

6  Thomas Bussman       395

7  Mike LeBlanc              334     

 In a repeat performance from the morning’s race, it was Jonathan again!  Jonathan

The field is set!

Reimels continued having a great day of racing as he again won a very impressive victory winning the Ceramic Super Stock by six laps over his father John Reimels. Jonathan scored 493 laps to his fathers’ 487 laps. Jonathan won a big victory on the green lane with a 90 lap finish which was by far the highest lap total for the day on any lane. Jonathans’ fastest lap was on green lane with a 3.116. It should also be noted that his dad, John Reimels also had a fantastic  day with two second place finishers and a best lap time of any driver in Ceramic SS  with a 2.966 on green lane .  Congratulations to both Jonathan and John 

 Results Pro Ceramic Super Stock on the Nuvolari

 1  Jonathan Reimels          493  laps

2  John Reimels                 487

Sweep by the Johns – Reimels Sr – 2nd; Reimels Jr – 1st; Dr Pileggi – 3rd

3  John Pileggi                   480

4  Rob Hayes                     464

5  Paul Ryer                       463

6  Benjamin Leyro              447

7  Tom Gray                       406

8  Vince Tamburo               401

9  Dave Muse                     385


 Our next MARC race will be contested on Rob Hayes’ wonderful Catfish International Speedway on November 9th in Cambridge MA.  It promises to be a fast day with MARC Spec Stock and CMPM Modifieds on the docket.