MARC 2010 / 2011 Series Race #4 – Modelville Hobby

New Facility deemed a HUGE Success; Great Opening for Modelville Hobby’s HO Facility!

Ashland, Massachusetts, December 11, 2010 – Modelville Hobbies opened its doors to 24 HO racers on December 11th, 2010 for their first HO race under the MARC banner.  While some teething problems were encountered, the event proved quite successful.  All twenty four drivers entered the G-Jet race with 19 hanging on to participate in the Super Stock race.  Peter Lentros and Richard Payne had the Bowman Champion track race ready on Saturday morning; unfortunately the same could NOT be said for Peter, who spent Friday night and most of Saturday in the local hospital.  But like the true racer that Peter is, he swung by the facility on his way home from the hospital to see how things were progressing.  All participates wish Peter a “speedy” recovery and a big thank you to both Richard and Peter for hosting the event.

G-Jet Amateur Race – Top Four

Bruce Gordon took a Nantasket Beach Race Club IROC G-Jet as a loaner car and won his very first G-Jet race in a MARC event. Bruce banged out 209.05 laps not only giving him top honors in the Amateur division but taking the overall victory beating the best of the Pros by half a lap! Congratulations to Bruce for a splendid victory, he really showed some great driving skills with the G-Jet.  Paul Ryer took the second place amateur honors by putting up some impressive numbers knocking down 206.29 laps; very nice driving Paul.  John Reimels scored 200.04 laps, the last amateur to break the 200 lap barrier; another fine run for John.  The fourth position was captured by Vincent Tamburo with 198.04 laps. Nice going Vince!

G-Jet Pro Race – Top Four

Jonathan Reimels continued to show his great driving skills by winning the Pro event. Jonathan’s smooth driving style made it look easy by churning out 208.15 laps. His lap total put him into the elite 200 lap club and gave him the second best overall lap total for the day – congratulations to Jonathan.  Seven (7) laps behind Jonathan was John Pileggi; nothing new here for John, he’s used to putting up firsts and seconds on race day – John scored 201.17 laps. Third in Pro went to John Stezelecki (Stez), John was able to put up 195.05 laps on the board – way to go Stez. Right behind was Mr. Rob Hayes taking the fourth place ribbon with a 193.02 laps.  Nice racing to all participants.

Super Stock Amateur Race – Top Four

With 13 amateurs hanging around for the Super Stock race, the event had to be run in two separate round robin heats.  Paul Ryer walked away with the win putting up an astounding 320.06 laps only one lap shy of the top Pro’s lap total; a fantastic display of driving.  This victory also allowed Paul to bump up into the Pro division for the day.  Second place went to New Jersey’s Turbo John O’Brien, helping to make his long commute worthwhile.  John did a wonderful job scoring 309.19 laps. John Reimels popped up 303.26 laps to take the third place ribbon; John was the last driver in the Amateur class to score in the 300 Plus lap club. Vince Tamburo took his second fourth (4th) place ribbon of the day by driving his car to a 290.06 lap total; two 4th place ribbons in one day for Vince, not too shabby against some pretty stiff competition.

Super Stock Pro Race – Top Four

Mr. Rob Hayes saved his best for last as he took the checkered flag and blue ribbon in the Super Stock Pro Division. Rob was able to maintain control of his very quick car enabling him to blast out 321.12 laps; another great showing for the man from the Republic Of Cambridge.  Two laps behind Rob was John Pileggi once again showing the dominance that Rob and John have had on the class this year.  Jonathan Reimels did a splendid job by scoring a third place ribbon with a 311.09 lap total;  Jonathan is finding it harder competing in this class in his rookie season as a Pro.  By winning the amateur division, Paul Ryer had a shot at the Pros.  If you recall, he scored 320 laps in the amateur race but driving shoulder to shoulder with drivers like Rob, Dr. J and Jonathan may have made the racing a little tougher; while Paul managed a four place finish, his lap total was off his amateur total knocking down 304.30 laps. This is the third time that the amateur moving to Pro has scored less laps in the Pro race.  Congratulations to Paul and all of the competitors.

I would like to thank all the drivers who made the trip to Modelville and helped make this event so successful. We had several new drivers for their first MARC event – Silky, Bruce Gordon, Yucha Gordon, Don Hall and Dick Griffin. Hopefully they all had fun and enjoyed their day of racing at Modelville.

Up next is the race at Dan DeCosmo’s fantastic TaiMaHo facility on January 8th in Suffield Connecticut.  Bring your best Lexan G-Jet and your fastest Super Stock, the racing should be great.

John “Stez” Stezelecki

Thanks to Bruce and Yucha for the photographs