March 23, 2024 – LenJet Raceway

Miniature Auto Race Club

Lenjet HO Raceway
280 Eliot Street
Ashland, MA

MARC ran its hard body G-Jet F1 class and its Open Weight class this past Saturday. The G-Jet F1 race was held on the refurbished historic six lane CAR MODEL MAGAZINE track that in the past hosted two National G-Jet Championship races. The second race was held on the Shamrock Glen track. Both tracks are original tracks to the Lenjet HO Raceway.

F1 Hard Body G-Jets

Pro Class

Pro G-Jet Podium – Paul Ryer 1st, John Stezelecki 2nd, Tom Jahl 3rd and Peter Lentros 4th

 Paul Ryer really dominated this event taking an easy victory by 29 laps over second place finisher John Stez (3rd overall). Paul R. blasted out 73 laps on both the green lane and orange lane and helped him to secure a total of 429.18 laps. Those high lap totals really separated Paul from the rest of the field in the pro category. Congratulations is in order Paul’s fine victory.  Stez placed second and third overall in this event. The best high lap total that he could muster was 68 laps on the green lane. Stez’s 400.05 lap total allowed him to be one of only three drivers that would score 400 or more total laps in this event. Tom Jahl took the third position and ran really well on the red, green and blue lanes scoring a high 69 laps on each lane but a really tough yellow of 58 laps hurt his chances of a move up. Peter Lentros ran a good race but with only a high lap total of 67 on the yellow lane doomed his chances of placing higher in the standings. Hakim loves the fast cars with high down force and the G-Jets are the slowest with the least down force in the MARC classes that we race. In spite of all that, Hakim still managed to put up 382.17 laps to take the final position in the PRO G-Jet class.

Sportsman Class

Sportsman G-Jet Podium – Paul Crosby 1st, Jim Kostinden 2nd,  Terry Ayer 3rd and Bruce Olsen 4th

WOW! Paul Crosby scored 73 laps on two lanes, green, yellow, and scored 70 laps or more on three other lanes. It was the white lane score of 65 laps that prevented Paul Crosby from winning the overall victory from Paul Ryer. I am sure that Paul Crosby was very happy taking his victory lap and winning the Sportsman G-Jet class. Jim Kostinden (389.09 laps) ran a good event. If I am not mistaken this may have been his first G-Jet event. Jim K and Terry Ayer were going neck and neck fighting for the second-place podium spot, but it was Jim K by just sections over Terry who settled for third. The fourth and final podium finish went to Bruce Olsen with 370.20 laps. Congratulations to Paul Crosby for a very nice G-Jet win.

Open Weight

Pro Class

Pro Open Weighted Podium – Paul Ryer 1st, Tom Jahl 2nd, John Stezelecki 3rd and Peter Lentros 4th

Paul Ryer took the checkered flag for the second time in the day with a big win in the Open Weight class. On this four-lane track Paul racked up 231 laps with a high lap total of 59 on the blue lane. Great racing Paul, Congratulations on your DOUBLE WIN against some great competition. Tommy Jahlwith 225 laps took the second podium position beating Stez by five laps. The blue lane was hot for the top two finishers since Tommy blasted out 58 laps on that lane. Peter Lentros grabbed the last podium spot with 218 laps.

Sportsman Class

Sportsman Open Weighted Podium – Paul Crosby 1st, Bruce Olsen 2nd, Terry Ayer 3rd, and Hal Pierce 4th

Paul Crosby had a wonderful day and like Paul Ryer, Paul Crosby also had a double victory. Paul ran up 222 laps with a high score of 57 on both the red and blue lane. Congratulations to Paul Crosby for his second win of the day. Bruce Olsen continued on the podium today by taking a second with 214 laps. He had a high lap total of 58 on the blue lane. Terry Ayer put up 210 laps and ran an impressive 53 laps on three of the four lanes, scoring a 51 only on the gutter red lane and giving our NH friend the Third podium position. Placing fourth and taking a podium spot with 194 laps, it went to another NH friend Hal Pierce. Congratulations gentleman for a fine race.

Our next race is at Catfish International. This will be a pre-1972 Can Am G-Jet race and a Spec Racer event.