MARC Season 2016-2017 – Nantasket Beach Speedway

Tiffany, Stez, Medeiros and Pileggi All Win at Nantasket Beach

Hull Massachusetts  April 22, 2017   Eighteen drivers made it to John Stezelecki’s Nantasket Beach Speedway on April 22nd.  Stez decided to mix things up a bit having the G-Jet race on the Nuvolari and the Super Stock race on the Lady Gray.

Sportsman G-Jet Can Am Production Class

Having a very fast G-Jet doesn’t always guarantee a win in this class. You need to be able

G-Jet Sportsman Podium – Mike Tiffany 1st, Don Hall 2nd, Peter medeiros Jr 3rd and Jimmy Colligan 4th

to drive it.  Mike Tiffany took his very fast G Jet and drove the heck out of it by blasting out 306 laps to win the Sportsman G-Jet event on the six lane Nuvolari Super Speedway. Mike ran a 5.245 second lap time on the orange lane and a 5.268 on the white lane. In the gutter red lane and the green lane and blue lane Mike ran lap times in the 5.3 second range. It was only in gutter yellow did Mike slightly struggle with a best time of 5.568.  Congratulations to Mike for a superb win. Mike also chose to move up to race in the Pro G-Jet event. See Pro G-Jet results below. The G-Jet theme body was Can Am

Sportsman Can Am G-Jet results

1    Mike Tiffany                   306.7    Best Lap time   5.245

2    Don Hall                           295.1                                   5.444

3    Peter Medeiros  Jr.      287.1                                   5.441

4    Oh Jimmy Colligan       283.9                                   5.647

5    Tom Jahl                           274.3                                   5.383

6    Tom Smith                       266.5                                   5.919

7    Hal Pierce                        255.5                                    5.916

8    Terry Ayer                        247.3                                    5.988

9    Peter Medeiros              223.5                                    6.513


Pro G-Jet Can Am

Some of the fastest G -Jets in MARC history came to play today on the six lane Nuvolari

G-Jet Pro Podium John Stezelecki 1st, Ryan Archambault 2nd, Paul Ryer 3rd and John Pileggi 4th

and the lap times sure proved it. John Stezelecki popped out 329 laps to take the win. In the green middle lane Stez knocked down 55 laps and had a best lap time of the day with a 5.028. On the white lane he put up his best lap total of 56 laps and a 5.132 lap times. Nice win for Stez. Ryan Archambault stayed on Stez’s heels by blasting out a 5.069 lap time (55 laps) on green lane and a 5.068 on white with 52 laps. Real fast racing. A very good second place run for Ryan. A real battle for 3rd between Ryan and Pileggi pursued with Ryan nipping Pileggi by sections.

Pro-G-Jet Can Am Results

1   John Stezelecki             329   laps  Best lap time   5.028

2   Ryan Archambault        310                                           5.068

3    Paul Ryer                         309                                           5.113

4    John Pileggi                    309                                           5.260

5    Mike Tiffany                   299                                           5.284

6    David Muse                     293                                           5.250

7    Vince Tamburo              291                                           5.409

8    Tom Gray                          281                                           5.650

9    Jim MaCartney               275                                           5.414


Sportsman Super Stock Class

On the Lady Gray 4 lane speedway

Peter Medeiros Jr. won this Super Stock event by 15 laps over second place finisher Vince

SS Sportsman Podium – Mike Tiffany 4th, Dave Muse 3rd, Vince Tamburo 2nd and Peter Medeiros Jr 1st

Tamburo. Three hundred and sixteen laps would take the win. Peter on the blue lane put up an impressive 81 laps and a 3.163 lap time. His lap total of 80 on the gutter yellow and a 3.245 lap finished off his competition.  Congratulations to Pete Jr. for a great win in Sportsman SS. Peter chose to move up and run in the Pro SS race.



1   Peter Medeiros Jr.             316                                           3.163

2   Vince Tamburo                    301                                           3.297

3   David Muse                           300                                           3.254

4   Mike Tiffany                          297                                           3.429

5   Tom Jahl                                 272                                            3.270

6   Oh Jimmy Colligan             270                                            3.410

7   Don Hall                                  263                                            2.977

8   Terry Ayer                              247                                            3.545

9   Hal Pierce                               237                                            3.096


Pro Super Stock

4 Lane LADY GRAY Speedway

Pileggi breaks track record

The last time a ceramic Super Stock race was held on the Lady Gray was six years ago,

SS Pro Podium – Ryan Archambault 4th, John Stezelecki 3rd, Paul Ryer 2nd and John Pileggi 1st

February 2011. It was won by John Stezelecki with a lap total of 355 laps and a best lap time of 2.969 on the white lane. Today John Pileggi beat that lap total by seven laps to finish the day with 363.05 laps. J. Pileggi narrowly missed tying the best lap time with a 2.970 on the white lane. John P. also tied Stez’s 2011  best lap total of 94  which Stez did  on blue but John did it on the more difficult gutter yellow. In 2011.   John Pileggi placed fourth in this event with a lap total of 334. What a difference six years makes and it was all worth the wait. Congratulations to John Pileggi for a great win and the record-breaking lap total.

1   John Pileggi                        362.05                                        2.970

2   Paul Ryer                              338.07                                        3.045

3   John Stezelecki                  329.11                                        3.113

4   Ryan Archambault             325.03                                       3.010

5   Jim Macartney                    319.14                                       3.135

6   Peter Medeiros JR             316.06                                        3.151

7   Tom Gray                               301.07                                        3.243

Next MARC event is at Lenjet Racway   in Ashland on May 13th 2017

Nuvolari G-Jet Enduro May 6th 2017