MARC Season 2015 – 2016 – Race 3 at Nantasket Beach Speedway

             Big Wins for Decosmo and Pileggi at Nantasket Beach

Hull, Massachusetts, November 14, 2015– It has been a long time since Dan Decosmo raced a Formula One G-Jet on the Lady Gray but you would never have known it

Practicing with G-Jets on the Lady Gray

based upon his performance this Saturday morning. Dan just missed the track record for total laps in a 20 minute race by one lap. Dan blasted out 226.5 laps. The track record is held by John Reimels which was accomplished last November 8th 2014 in which John scored 227 laps.

Dan had his best time on blue lane with a 4.8 second lap. He did almost as well on white with 4.930 and gutter yellow with a 4.981. Only on gutter red did Dan go over a five second best tome with a 5.136; a splendid performance by Dan the man.

Jonathan Reimels placed second with 218.8 laps. Jonathan had two of the fastest lap times in the race. He blasted out a 4.826 on white and a 4.875 on gutter yellow.  Ryan

G-Jet Pro Podium (L to R) – John Reimels 4th. Ryan Archambault 3rd, Jonathan Reimels 2nd, Dan Decosmo 1st

Archambault was only three sections behind Jonathan with a 218.8. The fourth spot went to John Reimels with a 218.1. Note: John Reimels still hold the best Formula One G-Jet lap record on Lady Gray with a 4.750 on white done during the November 2014 race. Congratulations to the top four finishes in Formula One Pro G-Jet.

We had three amateur racers in this class. Tom Smith would take the win with 200 laps and a best time of 5.491 on white lane. Tom was closely followed by Don Hall with 198 laps for second place. The third position went to Oh Jimmy Colligan with 195 laps. Great race guys.

Pro Formula One G-Jet overall results

1 Dan Decosmo                  226.5

2 Jonathan Reimels           218.11

3 Ryan Archambault          218.8

4 John Reimels                    218.1

5 John Stezelecki                214.12

6  Paul Ryer                          210.7

7 John Pileggi                      209.1

8 Peter Lentros                  201.5

9 Rob Hayes                       200.8

10 Erik Echardt                    199.11

11 Tom Gray                        193.8

12 Jim Colligan                     193.2

13 Dave Muse                      190.1

14 Vince Tamburo               189.4

15 Jim Macartney                160.2


Ceramic Super Stock on the Nuvolari

Since we had only two participating amateurs we decided that we would run two separate heats and mix the pro and amateurs together.

Big Afternoon For Pileggi As Lap Record Falls

Semi Top Six

John Pileggi smashed the track record in Ceramic Super Stock with a 505 lap performance

Super Stocks on the Nuvolari – Practice well underway

in the semi heat and a best of 3.1 second lap on the orange lane. The record was held by John Reimels who had 493 laps in the January 12th 2013. Dan Decosmo  had owned the record with a 495 lap performance in March 2006 but that race was a Ceramic Super Stock with open armature. John’s 505 laps was truly remarkable. DD was only 13 laps behind Pileggi with 492 laps. That’s amazing when you consider that he put up 495 laps in 2006 with the open armature SS car. It appears that time away from the cars and track seem to have actually helped Dan with his concentration. The 3rd Semi position went to John Reimels who scored 476 laps followed by Mr. Rob Hayes with 466 laps. Jonathan Reimels made sure he made the main event by placing 459 laps on the score board just ahead of Stez by one lap who had 458 laps for the sixth spot.

Pro main event, 3 minute heats

No surprise here, John Pileggi in an 18 minute span smashed out 294 laps to take the win. John had a best time of 3.229 on the white lane. The only lane that John seemed to have any issues on was the on gutter yellow. It appears that he may have lost some crown gear teeth which may have thrown of his timing a bit. Congratulations to John for a spectacular day of racing on the Nuvolari and obtaining a new Super Stock track record.   DD placed

Super Stock Main Podium (L to R) John Stezelecki 4th, Jonathan Reimels 3rd, Dan Decosmo 2nd, John Pileggi 1st

second with an incredible 290 laps, only four behind John Pileggi. Dan had a best lap of 3.173 on the fast green lane. It was also the fasted lap recorded during the main event. Dan had problems on the orange lane. Track calls, and other issues seemed to hamper his lap total on this lane. Jonathan Reimels took the third spot with a very nice performance putting up 286 laps. A 3.386 lap time on green helped him score 52 total laps on green. This was the best lap total during the main event. Jonathan was very consistent during the race and didn’t appear to have any issues with a particular lane.  John Stezelecki narrowly took the fourth position. Stez managed to run up 275.8 laps. His body was ripped apart and came off at least twice during the main event. Thanks to Erik Eckhardt and his sticky tape, he came to Stez’s rescue and taped the whole body together allowing Stez to finish the race. Only one section separated Rob Hayes from Stez in the standings. Rob put up 275.7 laps. Though Rob finished in the top five, Rob wasn’t his usually Mr. Hayes today.  John Reimels had a good day going until he threw a wire on his armature. Unlike Tyco type armature that when you lose a wire, the car comes to a stop, the Mabuchi armatures in the G cars keep putting along but at a slower pace.  John finished up with 272.11 laps for the sixth spot.  Congratulations to all the drivers for a successful day at the Nantasket Beach Facility.

Finishes for Ceramic Super Stock

Main Event

1         John Pileggi                  294.8

2         Dan Decosmo              290.4

3         Jonathan Reimles       286.4

4         John Stezelecki            275.8

5         Rob Hayes                    275.7

6         John Reimels               272.11

Semi  event

7         Ryan Archambault      453.7

8         Paul Ryer                      450.9

9         Peter Lentros               446.2

10     Vince Tamburo            443.8

11     Erik Eckhardt                  443.4

12     Oh Jimmy Colligan      429.9   First place amateur

13     Don Hall                        419.9   Second place amateur

14     Tom Gray                      412.3

15     Dave Muse                   408.1

16     Jim Macarthy               201.11

Note – Tom Smith did not run

Thanks to Stez for hosting the event, a good time was had by all attendees!


Next up we’re at Paul Ryer’s South Shore Speedway on December 12th where we’ll be racing Vintage NASCAR G-Jets and Super Stocks.  Paul always prepares a great lunch so come hungry.  Doors open at 8:00 with power coming on at 8:30.