MARC 2022-2023 – November 12, 2022

Hi all

Sportsman Super Stock Podium – Bruce Olsen 1st, Jimmy Colligan 2nd, Terry Ayer 3rd and Hakim Harris 4th

MARC tried something different at this event. We started the day with an IROC race. We had 12 entries as not all wanted to participate. We ran Tomy super g plus cars built by Paul Crosby. It was successful but took longer than expected. This caused the super stock race to end late and only 9 total stayed for the CMPM-MOD race so we ran then together. At the next race we will discuss what to do, forget the IROC or run the other races as 3 minute heats.



Pro Super Stock Podium – Jonathan Feliciano 1st, John Pileggi 2nd, Rob Hayes 3rd and Tom Gray 4th

The SS race was fun with the NY guys running. However as often happens on a 6 lane track 1 car comes off and takes 2 with it. There was much carnage and track calls. The combined race went OK. The MOD cars were not much slower than the CMPM cars so there was no issues. See you all on 12/10

Tom Gray