MARC 2022-2023 – January 14, 2023

MARC at the Mecca – 2022-23 Season, Race #5, LenJet

January 14, 2023 – The Miniature Auto Racing Club of New England met for the fifth race of its 2022-23 season at LenJet Raceway, in Ashland, Massachusetts.  Is this the worldwide Mecca of HO slot car racing?  Is Kimi Finnish? Sure ‘nuff. 100%!

Racing on the mighty Bear

19 fearsome dudes, including the new guy Josh Goudreault, stepped up for our first race of the day, a mad Spec Racer thrash on The Bear, a tight, wicked fast road course, formerly the property of Steve MADDman Medanic.






Sportsman Spec Racer Podium – Pete Medeiros 4th, Tom Bussmann 2nd and Hakim Harris 1st

The Sportsmen and Pros would all race together, in a round robin format.  Quite a few Fusions being raced in Spec Racer (and Super Stock) these days.  In fact, seven of the top eight lap totals in this one were Kind of Blue (or white) chassis.  Hakim Harris helmed a brutally quick vehicle for the Sportsman win, besting all but four of the Pros’ lap totals!  The rest of the top four Sportsmen were Tom Bussmann, who seems to have actually built his car before coming to the race (!), the ever-popular Bruce Olson, and Peter Medeiros, who we’re always happy to have in da house.

The Pros all gave merry chase to Greg Burstein, racing out of the Equipe Archambault garages, but ’twas quite in vain.  Even without his usual metronomic precision, Greg had the best ride of the weekend, and he brought it home around 16 laps ahead of the slammin’ tandem of John Pileggi (364.32) and Rob (G3RS) Hayes (363.20).  Equipe Archambault founder and president Ryan Archambault came fourth, around nine laps behind.  Next time, maybe pick the cars out of a hat, Ryan?  😎

Next up, the Sportsmen and Pros would diverge, moving to two different tracks in the immense LenJet complex.  Sportsmen moved to the insanely fast Brystal Viper to run 3-ohm Modifieds, and the Pros to the MaxTrax Python to run Super Stock.


Sportsman Podium

In the Sportsman program, Hakim Harris, running what may well be his favorite class (I think he did pretty well in the Amateur Modified category at this year’s HOPRA Nats, right?) took his blue-chassied rocket to a 16-lap win over Tom “Mr. Preparation” Bussmann.  Pete Medeiros was another four laps back with his G3RS, and Bruce Olson was fourth, and the best of the rest, 32 laps behind Pete.


Pro Super Stock Podium – Ryan Archambault 1st, John Pileggi 2nd, Paul Ryer 3rd and Tom Jahl 4th

Meanwhile, over on the Python, with his team driver departed for domestic commitments, Ryan continued his Fusion-fueled dominance in the Super Stock class.  John Pileggi (Fusion) was second, nine back, and Paul Ryer and Tom Jahl were locked in a gladiatorial duel right to the end, Paul (Fusion) ending with 377.24, squeaking it out over Tom (G3RS) who had 377.9.



The day wrapped up with nine racers in an IROC program, on The Bear.  John Reimels, who has just returned to us from a long HO layoff, showed he still has them driving chops, ascending the top step.  Paul Ryer was two back, John Pileggi third, six behind Paul, and Tom Jahl a single lap behind John.  Three racers – Peter Lentros, Pete Medeiros and Tom Gray all had 145 laps.  Ryan, clearly exhausted by his Super Stock effort, was two back of the 145ers, and Hakim, similarly tuckered out, brought up the rear.

Lots of racers, lots of tracks, and lots of HO racing; that’s what we do.  We invite you to visit us here in New England, and take part!

Race #6 will be back at LenJet on February 11, where we’ll run Indy/F1 G-Jets on the Brad’s Tracks Shamrock Glen, and Super Stock on another of Brad’s creations, the Champion.

Over and out,

Rob Hayes


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