MARC 2012 / 2013 Series Race #5 – Nantasket Beach Raceway


                                             REIMELS TAKES TWO AT NANTASKET BEACH

Hull, Massachusetts, January 12, 2013 – John Reimels won big at the 5th MARC race of the season by taking top honors in both the Pro G-Jet race and the Pro Super Stock race at the Nantasket Beach Raceway in Hull, MA.

G-Jet – Reimels wins Pro, Takacs takes Amateur division

Nine pros and ten amateurs totaling 19

Chose your weapons – G-Jets all teched and ready for racing

drivers entered the Lexan bodied G-Jet race on the Lady Gray track and only one driver would blast out 225 laps to take home the checkered flag in the Pro Division race.  John Reimels’ 225 laps were 8 better than second place finisher John Stezelecki who just managed to beat out Eric Eckhardt by one lap for second place in the Pro division – Stez scoring 217 laps to Eric’s 216 laps.  Nantasket Beach Race Club member Paul Ryer took the 4th place finish with 231 laps.  Reimels, Stez and Ryer all are NBRC members and they clearly took advantage of their local knowledge of the track by taking three out of the four top spots.

The Lady Gray ready for a day of serious racing

 Congratulations to John Reimels for a fantastic victory.

In the Amateur Division Chris Takas sailed into Nantasket Beach to take a very impressive victory.  We don’t see Chris often but when he does attend, he’s a real competitor and difficult to beat.  Chris banged out the victory with 200 laps compared to second place finisher Peter Lentros who managed 195 laps.  Oh Jimmy Colligan took the third position with 191.12 laps to take a squeaker over fourth finisher Benny Leyro 191.06 by just six sections. Benny took the four hour drive from Yonkers NY to make this event. Congratulations to Chris and to all participants for a great race.

Ceramic Super Stock – Reimels grabs another victory, Lentros takes his first MARC win

John Reimels was unstoppable in Pro Ceramic Super Stock. Today John smashed the

Switching from G-Jets to Super Stocks took a few laps to master

competition by whipping up 493 laps or 7 laps over second place finisher John Pileggi who managed 486 laps. Although no lap records were broken,0 John did manage to put together some very consistent fast times in the 3.2 second bracket in three out of the six lanes on the Nuvolari Super Speedway. That’s some great racing and John deserves a big congratulations. Paul Ryer would take the third podium spot with 482 laps and Peter Lentros who moved up from the amateur race took the 4th and final pro podium spot with 453 laps.  Once again, local knowledge helped NBRC members take three of the top four finishing positions.

 Peter Lentros won the Amateur Ceramic Super Stock race with 461 laps. He won thedivision by a whopping 28 laps over second place finisher Vnce Tamburo who put up

The Pros line up for battle

433 laps. OH Jimmy Colligan ran up 413 laps to take the third spot while Chris Takas rounded off the final podium position with 413 laps. Congratulations to Peter Lentros – Great racing.

The next MARC on event February 9th will be Ceramic Super Stock and Production  Formula One 902 on the Lenjet Sovereign Purple Mile located at Lenjet H O Raceway/Modelville Hobby located at 280 Eliot St. Ashland, MA


Pro G-Jet On The Lady Gray Four Lane Track

1      John Reimels          225 laps

2      John Stezelecki      217

3      Eric Echardt            216

4      Paul Ryer                 213

5      John Pileggi             205

6      Chris Takas              203

7     Rob Hayes                192

8     Tom Gray                 185

9     Dave Muse              182

10   Jim Macartney        169

Amateur G-Jet

1    Chris Takas               200 laps

2    Peter Lentros           195

3    Oh Jimmy Colligan   191. 12

4    Ben Leyro                  191.06

5    Vince Tamburo         187

6    Tom Bussman           186   

7   TJ Motolla                 183

8   John Borg                  171

9   Eric Handel                170

10 Durf Hyson                156

 Pro Super Stock On The Nuvolari Six lane Super Speedway

1      John Reimels         493 lap

2     John Pileggi             486

3     Paul Ryer                 482

4     Peter Lentros         453

5     Rob Hayes              445

6     Eric Echardt            440

7     Tom Gray                409

8     Jim Macartney       390

 9   Dave Muse               371        


Amateur Super Stock

1  Peter Lentros            461 laps

2  Vince Tamburo         433

3  Jimmy Colligan          430

4  Chris Takas                 413

5  Tom Bussman            412

6  Ben Leyros                 401

7  John Borg                   373

8  Durf Hyson                360

 9  Eric Handel                 333