MARC 2010 / 2011 Series Race #9 – Modelville Hobby

Pileggi ruins sweep by the Reimels’ taking victory in Pro Super Stocks

Ashland, MA, April 16, 2011 – With 21 folks in attendance, the only event exceeding this amount was the prior race at MVH in December!  So what draws the crowd?  Is it the location, the mixture of 1/24 scale and HO tracks or the chance to race on the very challenging 4 lane Champion layout? Who cares, the chemistry appears to be working!


Jonathan Reimels won the MARC Pro G-Jet race by smashing out 219 laps to lead the field of 21 drivers. What made this win unusual is that Jonathan had his highest lap totals in both gutter lanes on this very challenging Bowman track.  Jonathan’s best lap time was on the blue lane with a 4.983 – congratulations to Jonathan for a very fine performance.  Two laps behind in second place in the pro division was none other than John Pileggi banging out 217 laps. His 56 lap totals on both red and white were the best lap totals of any driver in the G-Jet class. John had a best lap time of 4.992 on red. Third place went to the man from the Republic Of Cambridge, Rob Hayes. Mr. Hayes scored 217 laps with his best time on white with a 5.082. Rounding out the fourth spot for pro G-Jet was John Stezelecki. Stez finished up with 209 laps.


Completing the sweep of the G-Jets by the Reimels clan, the elder, John, took top honors in the MARC amateur division. John rang up 215 laps with a best on white with 55 laps and a race best time of 4.939 on white. Congratulations to the elder statesman for a very fine finish. One of our hosts for the day and track owner Peter Lentros raced to second place with 212 laps demonstrating real consistency by scoring 55 laps in three of the four lanes.  Peter also had a best lap time of 4.978 on the white lane. Two hundred and seven laps gave Bruce Gordon the third spot in this division; Bruce an avid T-Jetter, has been tearing up the tracks in New England with his G-Jet performances.  One lap behind Bruce was Vince Tamburo taking the 4Th ribbon spot with a 206 lap performance.


We had 16 drivers in the Super Stock Class. John Pileggi was on top of his game by outscoring his closest rival Rob Hayes, 333 laps to Rob’s 324 laps – a real fine Super Stock victory for Pileggi with a lap time of 2.951 on the blue lane coupled with two high lap totals of 86 on each the two gutter lanes – fantastic job.  As mentioned above, Rob Hayes was the closest competitor to John with 324 laps. Rob’s best was 85 laps on gutter red. Tom Gray had a very nice third place finish with320 laps. Tom put up some very good numbers of 85 laps on both the middle lanes but took some hard hits on the gutter lanes. Jonathan Reimels 219 laps gave him the fourth and final ribbon position. Nice run guys.


John Reimels took first place in the amateur Super Stock Class with 319 laps and 18 sections. John had a best on the blue lane with 85 laps. What’s most interesting is that both Reimels’ scored 319 laps – the younger beating the elder by just 7 sections.

Second place went to the invincible Vince Tamburo. Vince stomped out 313 laps and a best of 84 laps on the white lane. Nine laps back from Vince was Paul Ryer. Paul’s 303 laps and a best of 80 laps on blue gave him the third ribbon spot. The fourth ribbon went to New Jersey’s John Obrien. OB, cranked out 302 laps and had a best of 81 on white. Congratulations to all the top four finishers for a job well done.


It was nice to see Joe Eastlack and Mike Martyn again back on the track under the MARC flag. We would like to thank Peter Lentros and Rich Payne for hosting the race at Modelville and for providing some great pizza. Thank you to Bruce Gordon for providing donuts in the morning and of course Joe Eastlack for providing his trademark brownies. Thanks to all who were able to attend the race and make this day a very special race event.

Next up are Super Stocks and Indy Hardbody G-jets at Durf’s Thompson Raceway Park in Thompson, CT. on April 30th.  Hope to you everyone there is finish out our season in style!