MARC 2010 / 2011 Series Race #8 – TK Motorsports Park

MARC Intruders Wayne Wallace and Victor Feliciano Dominate Event

Middletown, NY, March 26, 2011 – It would not be a MARC race in NY without a little drama. For the second NY race in a row Rob Hayes experienced car trouble, this time the problem was much less serious and was taken care of by the time practice started at 8:30. Fifteen (15) racers arrived in time for the 10:00 start time, all sufficiently full of coffee and doughnuts.  Although the racing began on time, the drama was not over.

902 Production – The production racing was divided into 2 round robin groups, the first had 7 racers and the second had 8 racers. Racing in the 1st group was very close as Victor edged John O by 1 lap using an NBRC loaner car. The drama occurred with 2 segments to go as a debate broke out between Stez and several others regarding the legality of the use of an after market rear bushing. Stez was flustered by the conversation and pulled half way through his 5th segment and not returning for his 6th (sorry for adding to the controversy – JR) This was good news for the rest of the Pro’s as Stez was on his way to a top finish.

The second group did not have any drama or quite as close racing but the pace was much faster as Wayne, also using an NBRC loaner, TK and Rob all bested Victor’s total. The finishing orders were…

Amateur Production

  1. John O’Brien  426.4
  2. Tom Bussmann  418.3
  3. Mustard  415.00
  4. John Reimels  412.10
  5. Paul Ryer  391.00
  6. Vince Tamburo  390.12
  7. Benny Leyro  373.7
  8. Nick the Quick  326.3
  9. Eric Handel  319.2

Pro Production

  1. Wayne Wallace  453.8
  2. TK  441.6
  3. Rob Hayes  437.11
  4. Victor Feliciano  427.3
  5. Tom Gray  404.3
  6. Stez  340.00

Super Stock – Next up was 2 hours of SS practice and lunch, Italian bread, salad and lasagna. Nick opted not to race, as did Stez who instead focused his time on helping rookie Eric Handel with his car setup, his controller and his driving. Stez is an excellent coach I’m sure Eric appreciated the time and effort given on his behalf.

The Amateurs were up first and the finishing order was…

Amateur SS

  1. John Reimels  512.2
  2. Mustard  504.11
  3. Benny Leyro  496.11
  4. John O’Brien  496.2
  5. Paul Ryer  445.13
  6. Tom Bussmann  423.4
  7. Vince Tamburro  411.3
  8. Eric Handel  379.12

Next up were the Pro’s, John opted not to race again so Mustard decided to give the Pro’s a run for there money. The jokes among the pro’s were flying as well as the cars as Rob had sent an email to Victor and Wayne challenging them to compete, and compete they did.

Pro SS

  1. Victor Feliciano  545.8
  2. Wayne Wallace  536.6
  3. TK  527.8
  4. Rob Hayes  523.1
  5. Tom Gray  501.6
  6. Mustard  494.1

This is the 2nd MARC race I have hosted and hope to host many more in the future as it was truly my pleasure to have you all at my home. Victor’s total in SS is a track record as well as Wayne’s in Production (talk about total domination – JR). The last time MARC raced here we ran G-Jet and Ceramic Mod.  I look forward to racing with you all again in the near future.