MARC 2010 / 2011 Series Race #7 – DangerZone

Rare Sunday Event Dominated by Tom Kanan

Yonkers, New York, February 13, 2011 – While Sunday dawned cold, that was the least of Rob Hayes’ problems – he encountered car problems in route to Yonkers.   A shop approximately 15 to 20 minutes away had the part that Rob’s car desperately needed so a halt was put on the race activities while Rob’s car limped to the repair shop.  An hour later, Rob got the call that his car would be finished by 3:00 PM, a real relief to host Benny Leyro who wasn’t treasuring the thought of providing bedding to Rob for the night (just kidding Rob – I’m sure everyone would be honored to host you for the night – I think…)

Production 902 Open Wheel Hardbody

First up for the day was the 902 Production class.  With only six folks in attendance, the race was divided up into two groups of three drivers each.  When the smoke cleared, the top finishing Pro was Tom Kanan (aka TK) with 190.43 laps followed by Rob Hayes with 179.64 laps and Tom Gray in third with 174.42 laps.  The Amateur division had an extremely tight race but in the end John O’Brien (aka – Turbo) pulled out the victory with 178.71 laps followed by host Benny Leyro with 175.55 laps and Paul Ryer in third with 171.81 laps.

Super Stock

The break between races featured awesome food prepared by Benny’s wife, Inez – truly the highlight of the event.  The Super Stock race divided the Pros and Amateurs into separate heats with the Pros up first.  TK once again dominated the event ripping off a race winning lap total of 232.41 followed by Rob with 211.27 laps and Tommy with 196.41 laps.

With Rob’s ride home recuperating well from its operation, the group took a break to retrieve it from the shop.  When everyone reconvened at the track, racing resumed with the Amateur division.  Once again the amateurs put on a very entertaining race – especially the battle for the top spot with Benny grabbing the win over Turbo by 1 lap, 221.24 laps to 220.41 laps – nice close racing.  Paul finished third with a respectable lap total of 205.82.

Thanks to everybody in attendance, a great time was had by all.

Next up is 902 Open Wheel Hardbody and Super Stocks at TK’s Motorsport Park in Middletown, NY on March 26th.  Hope to see all there!