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Driver's Meetng Agenda – Oct 13th – the Mighty Altas Raceway

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9:20 am
October 11, 2012



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Post edited 10:06 am – October 11, 2012 by john

Topics for the Driver's meetings are:


Rule Clarification for the Spec Stock class – Rule 5 states the rear axle and guide pin must be stock.  Since a Spec Stock car cannot be purchased the term "stock" is meaningless.  The recommendation is to revise the rule to state axles must be steel (either single or double splined) and guide pins must be of the short, non-hardened kind…


Schedule Conflict – Tom Bussmann has a conflict with his February 9th race date.  He's requesting a change to February 2nd.  If this is not agreeable, we'll have to try to swap venues with someone else.


Website Costs – Now that the website is up and running, J Reimels would like the club to pick up the hosting costs.  The yearly fee is $69.68


General – Paul will update the group on vendor input and announcements

3:10 pm
October 11, 2012


New Member

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Just a thought . Since the supposed purpose of running this class is to allow people to learn the class for the Nat's next year can we consider a switch to hard bodies when and if HOPRA issues a clarification on mounting options ? If it remains without clarification then there is going to be a mad scramble amongst the BSRT and Slottech chassied racers to find a suitable clip and/or clip on body to run against the Wizzard thingy .




9:34 am
October 12, 2012



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Post edited 9:36 am – October 12, 2012 by john

Personally, I voted that we run the Spec Stock class because I thought it was a better fit for MARC than the 902 class – it had nothing to do the Nats, we're not even sure this class will be included in the next Nats.  I like it because it allows folks to tune the car to a particular track rather than being forced to run a specific tire – a great way for folks to learn about car tuning.  Unfortunately we ended up with both the Spec Stock and 902 class somewhat defeating what I believed to be the real benefit of the class (killing the 902).  When HOPRA voted to make this an Amateur only / hardbody class, I've lost all interest in running this at the Nats – especially with the current vague wording concerning the body – ughh – count me out.  Yell


Of course, this doesn't mean we shouldn't bring it up for a vote…  Laugh

10:03 am
October 12, 2012


Higham, MA


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Being one of the people who proposed the Spec Stock class I can say I did not do it to prepare for the HOPRA Nats.  It's not considered a championship class and I'm not sure it will even be run at the Nats this year.  Looking at the HOPRA rules from last year, I liked the class.  It seemed a good way to experiment with slip on tires and to improve skills of setting a car up.  Since there was so much controversy over the ceramic vs. ceramic grade magnets, I proposed the class with ceramic grade.  To me it seemed a more relevant class then the 902 which is what I wanted to replace with it.

Looking at the HOPRA rules for the class they state:

Mass produced injection-molded hard plastic bodies only. Body must weight no less than 3.5 oz. and cannot be cut in anyway. No open-wheel bodies allowed.

To me this negates any tuning of the body.  If you can't cut it, you can't change the body mount.  I don't think they've thought this out and I think we should wait until they do before we make any changes.

 I think the best course of action is run the class as it stands and at least give it a chance.

12:54 pm
October 12, 2012

vince tamburo


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I vote to keep it as stated in the MARC rulebook #9 states Lexan bodies are allowed, open wheel bodies are not legal.

2:21 pm
October 12, 2012


New Member

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JR . Remember when your Mama told you "Be careful what you wish for?" I wasn't for this class from the beginning and still would prefer we hadn't shorted the GJets . That being said the group voted to have it so now the responsibility is to do the best job possible running it . The first principle of "majority rule" is that once the majority's choice is made you have to support that choice .

Paul and Vince i agree with both of you . This is why I said "when and if Hopra clarifies the body rules". i just wanted to bring it up so that if , big IF , things became clearer we would have the option of following the Hopra lead . It would make the class relevant . At this point other than being an opportunity to use and test all kinds of slip-on rear tires it seems the class isn't much more than a slightly less expensive , slightly less reliable , bonded magnet Super Stock .

The lower overall cost is an advantage because the 10 or 15 pair of rear tires of 3 or 4 different brands will cost much less than the comparable silli-sponges and will last a lot longer . Whether or not people will choose to settle on one rim brand and size or will expand into playing with wheel widths , diameters and brands will affect the savings but won't negate it . Working through them to see what works when will be a good exercise in testing for those who search for the best results . The rest of the set-up will follow and reinforce certain applicable standard SS set-up processes . The only thing left will be the question of what you are going to drape over it and how you are going to do it , if the hard-body thing comes into play .

A question for TG if he see it . I know the BSRT chassis will take a Tomy clip and body or a Bud's clip and Tyco Body . Is there a provision for any sort of clip on a Slottech chassis ?



12:00 pm
October 15, 2012



posts 10

Durf – Good point…  However I'm still hopeful that after we race these cars a few times, folks will see the benefit of tuning the cars to the track to make them more enjoyable to race.  But I'm always an optimist.  I just think a well set-up Spec Stock with a Lexan body will be a blast to run – certainly more fun than the 902s with the tall Super Tires and the open wheel hard body that we're required to run.  But I'm lobbying again… Yell

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