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Gas Organic Heat Carrier Boiler manufacturers

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1:05 am
February 12, 2020



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YYW(L) series automatic gas(oil) fired Thermal Oil Boiler (Organic Heat Carrier Boiler) is vertical /horizontal forced circulation boiler.
The fired oil boiler heating surface compact structure, the heating surface from the inside, outside close-packed circular tube constitutes the inner coil raiation heating surface, the outer surface and the inner coil convercion heating surface.
Technical Parameter
Product Features
*The exothermic combustion chamber for burning fuel including coil composed, most of the heat is absorbed by the radiation heating surface, high temperature flueg gas into the convection heating surface and the heat exhanger.
*Retrofitting boilers tai with the tail heating suface, reduceing the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler. The low-temperature flue gas from the boiler flue gas outlet directly discharged to the chimney into the atmosphere.
System components
Boiler body, burner, waste heat recovery, oil pump, circulation system, etc. The boiler body is divided into a radiating section and a convection section: the radiating section is composed of two closely arranged spiral disc tubes, and the convection section is composed of an inner layer, a middle ring, and an interlayer between the middle ring and the outer ring. The outside of the casing is covered with aluminum silicate fiber cotton and cold rolled sheets. The flue gas enters the convection section from the exit of the furnace and is then connected to the flue to enter the air preheater. The flue gas temperature is discharged after heat exchange by the air preheater.
Introduction to device features
1).Heating furnace
The furnace is the main part of the furnace system, from which the organic heat carrier obtains thermal energy.
The furnace body is divided into two types: vertical cylinder and horizontal cylinder.
2). Hot oil circulation pump
The hot oil circulation pump provides power for the closed circuit of the heat transfer oil, and each furnace is equipped with at least two pumps, one of which is reserved. See the random file for the structure of the hot oil pump and its parameters.
3). Expansion tank (high tank)
The expansion tank is used as a compensation for the volume change of the heat transfer oil due to temperature changes, thereby stabilizing the pressure of the heat carrier of the system, and also helping the system to dehydrate and exhaust. Therefore, the expansion tank should be set higher than the highest point of all equipment or pipelines of the system. At a height of 1.5~2m, it should be kept at a high liquid level during normal operation. When a sudden power failure or a hot oil circulation pump fails and an emergency shutdown is required, the cold oil replacement valve can be opened, and the cold oil utilization of the high level tank is utilized. Its position can flow through the furnace tube into the oil storage tank, thereby preventing the heat transfer oil in the furnace tube from overheating and overheating. The volume of adjustment should be no less than 1.3 times the volume of the organic heat carrier in the liquid phase furnace and the pipe network system which increases due to thermal expansion at the operating temperature.
4). Oil storage tank (low tank)
The oil storage tank is mainly used to store the heat transfer oil discharged from the high level tank, the furnace tube and the system. It should be in a low liquid state during normal work and ready to accept foreign heat transfer oil. The vent (breathing port) should be connected to a safe area and no valves (except for systems protected with nitrogen). The sump volume should be capable of accommodating the amount of organic heat carrier in the largest isolated portion of the system and the appropriate supplemental reserve required by the system.
5). Oil injection pump (gear pump)
Gear oil pump to replenish or extract heat transfer oil from the system. The direction of the arrow on the pump body should be the direction of rotation of the main shaft and also the flow direction of the medium.
6). Filter (or Y-type filter)
Filters are used to filter and remove foreign matter from the heating system.
7). Oil and gas separator
The oil separator is used to separate and remove air, water vapor and other gases in the heating system to ensure stable operation of the heat transfer oil in the liquid phase without gas or water.
8). Safety valve
The safety valve shall be placed on the main line of the furnace and no valve shall be provided between the body and the furnace body. The safety valve is mainly used to prevent the heat transfer oil from heating up and overpressure caused by the misoperation of the valve.
9). Thermometer
The temperature gauge should be placed on the main line of the hot carrier furnace outlet and the main line of the inlet, and it is convenient for the furnace worker to observe.
10). Pressure gauge
The pressure gauge should be placed on the main line of the hot carrier furnace outlet and the main line of the inlet. The meter head must be placed vertically upwards. The face plate should be oriented in the direction that the furnace worker can easily observe. There must be a pressure gauge plug valve and a pressure gauge elbow underneath the meter head.
11). Platinum thermal resistance
The platinum thermal resistance is set at the heat carrier furnace outlet main line, the inlet main line and the outlet.
12). Burning system auxiliary machine
The auxiliary system of the combustion system is an imported burner.
13). Other instruments and electrical control systems, see technical documents.
Industry application
1). Chemical industry, oleochemical industry, polymerization industry, reaction tank, distillation, concentration.
2). Foaming and extrusion of plastic industrial plastics.
3). Textile industry resin setting machine, dyeing machine, drying room, high temperature machine, roller machine.
4). Vulcanization heating of rubber industry rubber.
5). Food industry cooking, drying, vegetable oil ref.
6). Tthe forest industry industrial splint, Pauli board, fiberboard heating type.
7). Multi-layer cardboard for paper packaging in paper industry, drying and drying.
8). Other metal plating bath heating, paint condensation, drying, pharmaceutical industry distillation, reduction, concentration, dehydration and so on.
The organic heat carrier boiler is a new type of special industrial furnace that is safe, energy efficient, low pressure (under normal pressure or low pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy, and is widely used because of its wide application.
Xi'neng CustomersGas Organic Heat Carrier Boiler manufacturers

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